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we're hearing for the first time from the family of the man who killed michael johnson. janine de la vega tell us what they want the public to know. >> reporter: three days after san jose police officer michael johnson was shot and killed, his fellow officers are still coming and visiting the spot where he was gunned down on center road. there is a small amount of flowers and cards that
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neighbors have left. this couple came to pay their respects. they want to hear from the family of the gunman. >> i know that's not gonna help anything but it will ease people's mind a little bit more. >> is he stressed out or why did he do all of this? i just don't understand. >> reporter: police say 57-year- old scott dunham stood on his second floor bal gnocci and used a high-powered rifle to open fire on officers coming to his aid. his wife and niece came to the scene this morning. his niece said they feel horrible. she says her hunkle suffered from mental illness and lung disease. he slept with an oxygen mafng and was depressed. his neighbors didn't know about the turmoil. >> he was a quiet guy. the last person you would expect to do something like this. >> reporter: she said he had
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contemplated murder. her niece said police caught my uncle on the worst day of his life. they fear the public will bash them for what dunham did. >> i just told her if you need anything, you know where i am. got your back. i'm so sorry this happened. if you need me, you know where i am. >> reporter: two vigils will be held for officer johnson. one at city hall, the other here at the scene of shooting. dunham's niece plans on ahanding with her aunt to publicly apologize for what he did. >> a former teacher has been sentenced for 12 years in prison. a judge issued the punishment giving joseph martin credit for the two years he's served in jail. martin has gone through two trials. the first trial ended in a jury acquitting him on 21 counts of molestation but deadlocking on
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another 95 involving male students. in january, a jury found him guilty of 19 counts of molestation involving seven students. >> i will continue and always stand by my husband's innocence. he's wrongly convicted. he had no sexual intent. >> i'm not happy about the amount of time but happy that he won't be able to victimize children anymore and he will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. >> teeb na jones has two -- tina jones has two sons named in the first trial but not the second one. martin's attorney is considering an appeal? a bay area woman who said she was kidnapped for ransom spends hours in questioning with police. police say it was real and they are fighting back. tara moriarty has more on this
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bizarre turn of events. >> reporter: denise huskins left the vallejo police department last night with a jacket over her face after hours of questioning. >> she's victimized initial little by being kidnapped and then a second time by being a suspect by the police department who issued a very nasty press release. >> reporter: the 29-year-old physical therapist and her boyfriend aaron quinn have come under intense fire after vallejo police lashed out. >> mr. quinn and miss huskins have squandered valuable resources away from our company. >> 24 hours a day on -- what i will classify as a wild goose chase. >> reporter: quinn said he was securing the ransom money when she turned up at her parents' home in huntington beach.
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>> he cried. he cried. >> reporter: as to why quinn took several hours to report the crime -- >> he was forced to drink something that even the kidnappers told him was drugs. he was drugged. and there were at least two kidnappers. >> reporter: the attorneys say their client fully cooperated with the authorities undergoing a 17-hour interrogation, allowing a search for his home, providing passwords and submitting to a blood test and fingerprinting. >> we understand the pressures that are on the police department and the fbi to solve this crime. on the other hand, there seems to be a string of blatant lies coming out about our client, about the victim and about what's been going on. >> reporter: in dispute, the alleged ransom which police reported to be $8500. >> the ransom amount is less than $20,000. that's preposterous. there's never been a ransom story where any are asking for less than $20,000.
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>> reporter: both huskins and quinn are said to be in sell conclusion. >> of course she's distraught. she's emotionally and physically broken. and the fact that she has been designated as a suspect only hurts her further. >> reporter: here at the home that the couple shares on mare island no sign of movement, although there are flowers on the front stoop indicating a sign of support. now attorneys for the couple say they hope police clear their client's name and focus on catching the real kidnappers. in vallejo, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. some san francisco sheriff's deputies are on administrative leave today after being used of running an inmate fight club at the county jail. the allegations surfaced two weeks ago, the father of one inmate rick cargo garcia told the public defender the deputies forced his son to fight north inmate in the 7th floor jail at the hall of justice. san francisco unpublic defender jeff adachi played an audio ininterview -- interview with
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garcia who claimed he was injured during a fight with another inmate this month. >> i thought it was gonna be a pushup content and then they took me down to the hallway and told me to be to fight the inmate. >> the inmate has named four deputies. they say the deputies would gamble on the fights. the u.s. therein's office is being asked to -- u.s. attorney's office is being asked to investigate the case. an attorney for the deputies' association calls the allegations a complete exaggeration. he said the deputies allowed wrestling as horse play. the lawyer insists that inmates were never forced to fight and he accuses public defender jeff adutch chay of conducting a -- adachi of conducting a curb cursory exam investigation. investigators continue to comb the data recorder from the
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plane that crashed in france. the morning fog is burning off. rosemary is up next with a look at your weekend forecast. and a grand gesture to win a prom date ends in trouble for this young man. we'll tell you what happened after administrators found out about it. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent...
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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this is new virginia out this morning of the dramatic first minutes when a gas explosion set a restaurant and apartment building on fire in the lower east side of manhattan. this is video as they fought the flames. at one point you see the five- story building collapse. 19 people were hurt in the fire. four of them critically. two people are still unaccounted for. officials say the utility company con edison gave one building a failing grade on gas pipe installation one hour before the explosion. alameda county prosecutors will reportedly be reviewing video of a fight in berkeley earlier this week between a community ambassador and a homeless man. [bleep] >> a witness captured the altercation and posted the video to youtube. it happened sunday night in an alleyway off shaddock avenue. you can see an ambassador in
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the neon green shirt arguing with the man and punching him. there is a second ambassador, a woman who can be heard yelling. berkeley police arrived and arrested the two men. the ambassador seen throwing punch was fired. the head of the downtown berkeley association says his behavior was inappropriate. >> this guy snapped for some reason totally inexcusable. and -- but i don't think it's indicative of the masters but we take full responsibility for it. >> those downtown ambassadors are trained to do homeless outreach. the man fired sold a supervisor the two homeless people threatened him hours before the fight. the second ambassador has been suspended. there are chilling new details coming out about the copilot believed to have taken down germanwings flight 9525. amy kellogg has more from the french alps about the discovery that he might not have benefit to fly.
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>> reporter: investigators looking deeper into germanwings copilot lul. andreas lubitz. searchers reveal ripped up sick notes suggesting he may have been hiding an illness from the airplane. >> we're focusing on the copilot right now but we need to focus on certainly who is on board the aircraft, who -- whatever could be in his background, either the last 24 hours all the way up to the last several years. >> search crews working at the crash site, the plane's second black box flight data recordered remains missing and the process remains underway. a memorial to those on board erected in a nearby village. germany's president attending a service at the school which lost 16 students in the crash. >> >> translator: i sat among the crowd and heard the sobbing.
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>> reporter: many other countries, unlike the u.s., require two pilotses es toes -- pilots to be in the cockpit at all times. this is the father of mr. oliver. >> we blame what the bible calls the rules of the world. we're -- we're angry with the rules of the world. >> reporter: media reports indicate the copilot suffered from depression. german authorities did not find a suicide note belong his belongings. amy kellogg, fox news. jurors are spending a third day now deliberating the $16 million gender discrimination lawsuit against a silicon valley venture capital firm. ellen p po. a claims kleiner perkins discriminated against her because she was a woman. she also says the firm retaliated against her by denying her a promotion and firing her when she complained
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about gender bias. kleiner perkins denies the allegations. it says poa had a history of conflict with colleagues. a high school senior from milpitas set the bar high when asking a girl to the prom. it got him suspended. brian flores has more. >> reporter: hey, tori. you know, many years ago when i asked a girl to prom, i think i asked her straight up, perhaps gave her some flowers. i think it was pretty boring but what miguel gonzalez did not was not boring. but was it dangerous? some administrators at the school think so. >> yes! [ cheers ] >> reporter: sure, he could have asked her straight up. but that's been done before. senior miguel hernandez, he's the creative one. >> i never thought deeply about it until maybe two weeks ago
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and then i'm like i'm gonna do it. >> reporter: he rode in on the horse and became the knight in shining armor. >> nothing really happens at this school. when somebody brought a horse here, it was kind of exciting. >> reporter: miguel called up his friend who had a ranch nearby and asked him if he could borrow his horse. he had this crazy idea to go on campus and ask his good friend to prom. she said yes. but the school said no. in fact, they suspended him for two days and gave him 20 hours of community service. >> i don't know. i didn't think it was that big of a deal. it was. there was probably no people there. there were people from her classroom. there was another class that came over. >> reporter: miguel says he's been around horses his whole life and said there was no danger around anyone on campus. >> he's a nice kid.
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he may sport. on the weekend he come and help his dad. i think they go too far. >> reporter: the school cited unpredictability of having a horse on campus. the principal wishes he could have talked to her first. >> i actually went on campus with the horse and asked a girl that -- would you go to prom me? i would have done it for almost any girl that would have went with me. >> reporter: even though the suspension remains, he will go to prom. he would do it again but main ask for permission first. we were able to catch up with miguel at their family ranch in morgan hill. so we know that he has experience with horses. we also talked with who miguel asked. her name is catalina hernandez.
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she's quoting here, i'm stoked to go to prom with him. his suspension remains but he will be able to go to prom. back to you. >> certainly glad to hear that. hard to turn down such a dramatic invitation there. checking in on the weather, it was difference this morning. we want to show you these pictures right now. not that one from the new york stock exchange. that's a picture of someone else asking to to someone to go to the prom. on the right, you can see dowl diablo county and let's check in now with rosemary orozco in the weather center with the current conditions and what we can expect this weekend. rosemary. >> reporter: ye the fog, the onshore breeze, responsible for the breeze. giving you a live look at the
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bay and a little bit of cloud cover. still lingering where we are entrenched along the coastline. again, the onshore breeze cooler air mass moving into place. some of these numbers, 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. santa rosa, 11 degrees sitting at 62. 65 in san jose. san francisco, 5 to 10 degrees cooler in and around parts of the sit as well. concord checking in at 69. 63 for napa as we get into your afternoon, we will have plenty of sunshine despite the sunshine, the cooler air mass going to continue to bring us temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler in the afternoon as well. you can see in and around point ray yis, we have clis here. down along pacifica. , the west end of san francisco, shifting into half moon bay where you are mostly cloudy and about 55 degrees right now. also, a lit bit of a breeze picking ung. 5 to 10 miles an hour in and around the pay. along the coastline, it could be breezier than that. this is the system that is responsible for our cooldown. as we get into the evening hours. it could even trigger a few
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scattered showers. not for us but over parts of the northern california. along the coastline we'll see breaks but it will be slow to queer. some of us along the coast, maybe mostly cloudy for the entire day. the rest of us will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny by this evening. there's that line of rain that moved through the northwest corner. for us today, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. san rafael, mid-70s for sonoma and 76 expected for napa. still a very pleasant day, just not as warm as we were yesterday. that's for sure. 73 in oakland. 80 degrees for pleasanton. 79 for walnut creek. into the south bay where we have 79 in san jose. upper 70s santa clara. saratoga, mid-70s for santa cruz. those clouds slow to clear from santa cruz as well. we may not be that warm. 75 redwood city. mid- to upper 60s around daly
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city and san francisco. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. again, temperatures coming down. it will be mostly sunny, mild. nice weather in store for the weekend in the extended forecast, no rain. >> and so -- this looks like it will be warmer but then getting back down to kind of more average temperatures? >> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. a fixture on capitol hill calling it quits. the name senate minority leader harry reid is tapping to take over the leadership.
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stocks pretty flat after four straight days of losses. u.s. economic growth slowed in the last quarter. commits are looking for weaker growth this quarter due to severe winter weather. but stronger growth is expected for the rest of the year. healthy consumer spending. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 7. the nasdaq is up 16 and the s&p up 2. apple's ceo who is close to becoming a billionaire is reportedly giving away the majority of his wealth to charity. tim cook says he will play for his nephew's education and then donate the rest of his fortune to philanthropic causes. he's not the first top executive to give away his money. warren bench and bill gates launchedded a campaign to persuade billionaires to give away at least half of their fortunes. hundreds have signed up leading
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mark zuckerberg. harry reid announced he will not seek re-election. reid made the announcement on youtube. >> i've had the time to ponder and to think we have to be more concerned about the country, the senate, the state of nevada, then us. and as result of that, i'm not going to run for election. >> reid has led the senate democrat since 2005 and will step down at the end of his term in 2016. reid who suffered serious eye and facial injuries in a january exercise accident at his las vegas home said he had been considering retiring from the senate for months. he says his decision has nothing to do with his recent injury. reid endorsed senator schumer of new york to surk seed him in his senate leadership condition. the hype is building for the wrestle mania. this morning we talked to the most famous wrestler of all time. >> what you gonna do when ulk
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run wild on you -- when hulk run wild on you? >> that's paul chambers and the hullk. just like paul fans are getting a chance to meet their favorite stars and divas like eva marie who said she's excited to be home in the bay area. i'm so excited. i'm in the bay area. writs wrestle mania. nothing better than to have the bay area pride and the love. >> wrestle mania access fan fest runs all weekend up to the main event at levi stadium on sunday. tickets are available online. 70,000 people are expected to attend. and we're posting all of the videos from wrestle mania on our youtube channel just watch for ktvu fox 2 to search for ktvu fox 2 to check them out. thank you for making ktvu your
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choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook any time. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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